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Log Max
Iggesund Forrest

Log max E6

Weight: 1514 kg
Maximum Cut Capacity: 43/61.5 cm

Log Max proudly presents the new Log Max E6. This specially designed harverster, built on the same well proven principle as all Log Max heads is a given success for eucalyptus harversting.

The Log Max E6 is designed to operate in the toughest conditions and features both a cast felling link and upper knife.

The structure design and build of the frame, thanks to modern welding techniques and high quality steel, minimizes stress concentration and weight for increased durability. The frame also features two wear plates that can easily be replaced to maximize the lifetime of the head.

Equipped with angled wheel arms and five custom built delimbing knives this head will assure fast debarking for increased production.

The hydraulically driven saw motor is positioned to minimizes the risk of splitting the log when cutting. The saw motor comes in three different options: Saw 98, Saw 98XL or Hultdins SuperCut 100. These can be equipped with either a 64 or 75 cm saw bar with 10 or 15 mm groove depending on the model.


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