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AfrEquip (PTY) Ltd Products
Log Max
Iggesund Forrest

Morbark Flails & FlailChiparvestors

Beginning flail production in 1990, Morbark now offers a full line of flails in several different sizes and configurations, including two, three, or four flail drums; one or two engines; cab and loader or no cab and loader; portable or stationary; stand alone or combination unit; diesel or electric powered. Along with these choices there is a wide variety of available options, allowing you to customize the perfect Morbark flail for your needs. All models are highly productive, aggressive, and engineered to give you the power and features needed for maximizing output and enhancing your profitability. They are extremely durable and are known for their high resale value. Morbark flails are designed to provide unmatched flexibility in controlling individual flail drum speeds, RPM, and feed rate while meeting the challenges of varying timber, climate, and conditions.

These machines allow the user to produce high-quality chips even from non-merchantable or juvenile timber. Whether you are producing highly uniform clean chips for pellet fuels or clean chips to meet the tight specifications of the pulp and paper industry, we will help you configure the right machine for your application.

These are just some of the reasons why Morbark is the largest and most respected name in flails and whole tree chipping.

Website: www.morbark.com

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